Words That Breathe, Thoughts that Burn
( Digital )
Out: 09.05.2005

Richard For Cerebellum
"Words That Breathe, Thoughts that Burn"

"If there was a film entitled, "Love Cycle of Machines", Richard for Cerebellum's 'thoughts that breathe...words that burn' would be a most appropriate soundtrack. Hymns of ghostly ancients coalesce on a playground of twisted metal, evoking a tin heart pining for oil with every beat. Filigreed harmonics, with their underpinnings of power, form an intricate armour against a suffering understood only by the human machine. Commandeering crescendos weave a dense melancholia, infused with valleys of lush desolation. Unrestricted dark passions scream a liturgy for survival, a call for the underdog to rise above the industrial waste of the psyche and shine some rusted soul to life."-dd

Richard For Cerebellum is the brain child of Lorren Stafford, Minneapolis based composer & classically trained pianist, cellist, and violinist. Most of the pieces on 'thoughts that breathe...' were written and recorded over a period of 10 years from 1987 to 1997. After the record was completed, it was buried in a deep, dark crypt for 7 years before clawing its way out of the grave and onto the Zhark roster. Conceived as a film score to a non-existent film, "thoughts that breathe..." brings classical chops, an epic sense of vertical density, vast chasms of contrasting elements and a diverse sonic palette to bear on this coherent collection of musical landscapes. Traditional instruments such as guitar, cello, clarinet and string sections share the orchestra pit with samplers & synths, found instruments, field recordings, circuit bent instruments, cutting edge software, and arcane audio electronic devices.

Lorren currently produces music as S/M (Zhark) and collaborates in a diverse collection of projects: the organic-electronic duo, low orbit; ultra dense improvisational guitar/cello freakout Panzram; experimental noise/ambient project Nautipuss; and the doom drone/breakmetal monster, Treachery (with fellow Zhark mates Rachel Kozak & Martin Frank). Lorren is also the founder and owner of Blackbox Music Electronics, designer and manufacturer of boutique guitar effects and music electronics.
Richard for Cerebellum
Zhark CD005 - Thoughts that breathe... words that burn

Lucid (thoughts that breathe...)
Propaganda (room 101 mix)
Xavier (music for an execution)
Nada prelude
Hope deferred (requiem VI)
In absence of illumination
Symphony for dying