Brew Hideous - Rerelease with Remixes
( Album Digital )
Zhark Cd0006 | Out: 00.00.0000
Coming soon will be a CD rerelease of the last LP of Hecate, Brew Hideous, with remixes by S/M, Amboss, and Vile Enginez.  New booklet, notes, lyrics and video included.


"As digital hardcore slips into anonymous anarchy, becoming little more than a hacking chorus choughing up random bits of cultural detritus, its hard not to feel that something crucial has been lost along the way, some kind of human agency at its heart. Swiss based Hecate is one of the few to have emerged from the scene still adding an individualist slant, and with Brew hideous shes proved once again that DHC is far more powerful when its an extension of the will rather than a means to obliterate it - no matter how erratic that happens to be.

The black metal-styled logo on the sleeve gives some indication of where she's coming form this time around, bringing in corrosive pitch bent guitars that recall Blut aus Nord on tracks like "Shards of Pan", all chopped up by beats dispensed capriciously as though being summoned by a spell. Oppressive and isolationist, Hecate's snarled distorted psycho sexual tirades and manifestos sound like they're being braodcast from some blighted mental recess through a veil of interference as breakbeats, electronic pulses, eerie sampled strings and dank atmospheres warp space around her. A journey into the heart of darkness and a bewildering sustained release of menace, Brew Hideous is a virulaent strain injected into DHC's atrophied veins."
7.5 - Terrorizer - July 2006 - by Jonathan Selzer

"Hecate is back again with a "Brew Hideous", but don't be misled by the title.
This album is absolute fantastic, I really love the metal guitars combined with the brainwashing beats. Not to forget about her frightening vocals, whispering, mesmerising and in the next moment screaming her soul out.

But besides all this frightening stuff this album has a shiny beauty, because it is monlithic... Arranged like a movie everything's makes sense. Even tracks like "Exile" or "Wait in Chains", tracks without beats, just arranged with Hecate's voice and bubbling soundscapes would normally fail, but not when Hecate is the composer. Conceptional, intelligent and besides all that, bloody food for the moshpit.
Sorry if I say it again: everything's in the right place.

No question, this is one of Hecate's best albums.
One question left : I am still not sure if Hecate's scary aura is kind of cynic humor or is she Satan's daughter coming straight from hell....I hope I am able to ask her one day."

Cue Mix Magazine

1. coven in heat

2. shards of pan

3. exile / dispossession / nomadic life

4. creeping howl

5. wait in chains

6. drunkard's cloak

7. trial by ordeal

8. brew hideous

9. beyond the pyre

10. mandrax