Slutmachine EP
( Single Vinyl )
Zhark Int 12014 | Out: 09.10.2005
Slutmachine (Zhark 12014)

On his debut Zhark release, Slutmachine constructs a dense amalgam of divergent elements such as massive drones, dark ambience, gameboy melodies, circuit bent keyboard pads, fierce & meticulously deconstructed breaks and gorgeous string orchestration.

A dichotomy of darkness & light, this 4 track EP represents a cross section of Slutmachine's unique & personal compositional style. An avid collector & abuser of lock groove vinyl, Slutmachine has included 10 lock grooves on this release.

A1 - Xistor (4:38)
A2 - Battlefield Calm (7:11)
B1 - Ada & The Dread (5:56)
B2 - Adamantium Scythe In Your Diamond Eye (4:44)