Ascension Chamber
( Album Digital )
Out: 25.12.2003
Ascension Chamber by Rachael Kozak as Hecate is once again presented by the united forces of Praxis and Zhark international. The ten tracks are based on and inspired by the sephira of the kaballah/qabala, which is reflected in everything from the time signatures to the atmospheres and intensities. a serious conceptual work (hence vinyl and cd are identical) with depth and focus developing her sound ever further.

'Ascension Chamber'

Hecate has long been the high priestess of occult tinged dark industrial drum and bass. Her twisting beats and morbid tones bring forth the dark and mysterious realms of Crowley and his ilk. While listening to Hecate's "Ascension Chamber" you could swear blind that it's being used as a portal for her devious demons to enter your realm and screw with the sounds of the universe. The depth and structure to the tracks is awesome, you think you can recognise sounds, but then they blend and bleed into another forever transforming and mutating, changing the very essence of the tunes. Outstanding.
Hecate - Ascension Chamber
Zhark International CD00004 - Praxis 40

1. X
2. IX
4. VII
5. VI
6. V
7. IV
8. III
9. II
10. I