Raquel de Grimstone - Freemansonicyouth
Zhark CD003 | Out: 09.05.2003
The album!

Following the infernal trilogy of her 7" releases, Raquel De Grimstone (aka Hecate) brings out her first full length as a emotionally charged, sinister ride through the shadows of perception. Thirteen tracks comprise this CD release, six of which have been released on the single format, and the remaining seven to bring the listener ever closer to the haunted world Rachael Kozak inhabits.

After splitting up her all grrrl band in 2001, RDG started recording her own vocals to lay over her monsterous breaks and massive basslines - creating a fresh take on every thing from death metal to love songs. Her distinct vocal style lends a new edge to her already edgy music productions. With lyrics like esoteric riddles, Raquel De Grimstone brings occult symbology into tangibilty in a flurry of screams, whispers and digital mastery - making this CD a rare experience in the world of regurgitated pop songs and content starved electronics.

Beginning with her driving dub/breaks piece "Depths of the Nile" (off of the last 7" of the same title) - RDG opens up the LP with explosive bass power and lyrics based off of Egyptian Book of the Dead texts. All three tracks found on the previously released Mirex single, Art Thou Black, appear digitally remastered with "In the Streets" finding a new home amongst an abstract remix utilizing broken beats and moody synths. A raw love song, "Need You", mixes Raquel's dissonant voice over a lo-fi backing beat - while "The Witching" continues the slow groove and amps up the funk with fucked-up lines like "One look is all it takes to turn us into monsters, Hungry for the bloodletting in the heat of total disaster".... "Activate", already reviewed by one fellow artist as being "the anthem of the New Aeon" - brings satanic politics against a backdrop of rolling bass and stepping breaks. At this point, the CD switches to a brutal onslaught of death metal breaks and industrial mayhem - with tracks like "Venom Bytes", "Possess Her", and "Ransom Himself", leaving the listener to wonder what will assault them next. She rounds off the CD with a couple cover versions of psychedelic favorites churned through her mechanical madness., leaving you slain by her most extreme track "Shapeshifters" - which will be remixed by artists like Bong-Ra, Abelcain, Somatic Responses and others - appearing as a double twelve inch on Zhark International by the end of the year.

Overall, this CD presents the listener with a fast ride through an ever changing environment of psychological explorations, with most tracks lasting between two or four minutes. Another side project of Hecate, revealing a more forthright side of the iniquitous breakcore producer, FreeMansonicYouth provides a diabolic experience from start to finish.

1. Depths of the Nile
2. Art Thou Black
3. Need You
4. In the Streets (7th st. remix)
5. The Witching
6. Activate
7. Ransom Himself
8. Possess Her
9. Venom Bytes
10. In New Orleans
11. Wounds of Genocide
12. Wilderness of Pain
13. Shapeshifters