Magick of Female Ejaculation
( Album Vinyl Digital )
Zhark LP1 | Out: 09.09.2003

Eleven tracks serve as eleven channels on a journey through the female psyche experienced through the eyes and ears of Hecate. Rachael Kozak, after releasing records for five years under this guise, has finally completed her debut solo LP. As a manifestation of the power of love, life, sex and death, The Magick of Female Ejaculation reaches deep into chambers where others fear to tread.
Like Cassavettes' Woman Under the Influence, Rachael has obviously been affected by the works of The Marquis DeSade, Jack Parsons, Dario Argento and his involvment with Goblin, in addition to a myriad of other historical personas that creatively broke through to new levels of expression. She mixes these energies together with merciless beats and grinding rhythms while adding her own deep rooted emotional intensities - combining all of these to form some of the most haunting yet completely rocking tracks. The level of production on this album demonstrates how in tune Hecate has become with these men's machines.
Subverting the dancefloor with occultist breakcore and one woman's lust, Praxis and Zhark International have joined forces to bring this record into the material realm. There will follow a release on CD with 4 bonus tracks and an extended booklet this November 2002.
CD Tracklisting

1 No Regard (1:58)
2 My Mirrors Are Black (4:10)
3 The Contact (5:38)
4 Profundo Loco (3:08)
5 We Are Family (3:23)
6 Dekay Kontrol (3:24)
7 69 Things (with Stewart Home) (2:08)
Vocals - Stewart Home
8 Agrippa (8:11)
9 Philosophy In The Bedroom (4:46)
10 Fainting Spells (4:29)
11 Darker Than You Think (0:59)
12 Necrosadistic (courtesy of Necro) (4:57)
Vocals - Necro
13 Famished (4:13)
14 Settle The Score (3:38)
15 Seven Daggers (3:32)