The Silver Key EP
( Single Vinyl )
Zhark 12016 | Out: 01.05.2007
Xanopticon - The Silver Key EP
Zhark Int. 12016

From America's isolated chambers spews forth the long awaited Zhark International release by none other than Xanopticon, master of micro-psychotic beat fuckery. This three tracker starts off with the epic "Lock Jaw" - a showcase of his pummeling yet aerodynamic aesthetic which cuts through any dancefloor like shards of broken mirror against the fabric of time. The new elegance in his production shines through with less clutter in the chaos - no excess to be found in this excessive masterpiece. The flip side delivers the driving "Stable Fire", an experiment in capturing the essence of the explosive element. Once again, his sreamlined beats unlock doors to forbidden states of physical frenzy. "Forgotten Language" rounds this 12" off with the sinister buzzing breaks and scraping bass which he has built his well deserved reputation on. Zhark is proud to restart from its hiatus with the great Silver Key, for in its cryptical arabesques there may stand symbolised all the aims and mysteries of a blindly impersonal cosmos.