Shapeshifters - The Remixes
( Album Vinyl )
Zhark LP3 | Out: 22.06.2004

"Shapeshifters - The Remixes"

Dark styles ahoy, hecate has reeled in a fearsome set of remixers for her 'raquel de grimstone' project. Bong-ra starts the ceremony with 'hecate is a witch', supremely gothic strings and ethereal chants morph into darkest hardcore territory with a rampant junglist break dropping for maximum destruction in true bong-ra style. Hecate's partner in darkness christoph fringeli increases the tempo with a more stepping vibe pinned down by a massively swollen bassline and obligatory 'ardcore stabs. Leyton breakers deliver the only track which dares to drop below 170bpm with a defined saaf laandan strut designed for large soundsystems in dirty warehouses. Somatic responses bash your senses with an unhealthy dose of warped future hardcore while doormouse does his usual thang with bomb blasting gabber kicks and disjointed childish melodies. Abelcain twists out a wicked slice of sped up gothic tek-step and new zhark artist nirvanez breathes fire all over 230bpm mentallist breaks in a style not too dissimilar to the dev/null record on violent turd earlier this year. The live effort from hecate and baseck fails to impress, as do the fairly pointless acapella samples but overall a fine double pack of rinsin gothic hardcore not for the faint hearted. (comes with a free poster of hecate and some bird pretending to do some sacrificial sh*t, if you're into that kind of thing I guess eh?).
Zhark LP3 - Shapeshifters, The Remixes

Bong-Ra - Hecate is a Witch
Base Force One - Slay the Slavemaster
The Leyton Breakers - Bermondsey Bass Edit
Somatic Respones - Approaching Menace
Ablecain - Temple of the Lioness
Nirvanez - Devourer of Beasts
Baseck & Hecate - Live in L.A... Omega Rising
Doormouse - Queen of Hearts
Fanny - Peon Crack Dub
Accapella Samples