Ever Shifting - Arched Infinity

Long time since the last update.

In honor of our friend Ben, member of the Melanchoholics -  a band which I spent many a fine night touring with - I dedicate this mix to the memory of Ben.  Graz, Prague, Duesseldorf, Vienna...  We were all set to play on the night I recorded the new mix online.  Melanchoholics invited me to share the night at Julian Percy's NK venue.  Of course,  we were shattered when we knew the band could not play due to Ben's illness.  This mix is for him, I would have loved to see him fit and full of life like I remember him.  Cheers Ben, Thank you for everything.............!

After over a year of waiting for the "Hecate -Remixes" to be released in Zhark International, I decided to try a new channel.  Ad Noiseam agreed to release the upcong Remixes, featuring Amboss, Vile Enginez, White Darkness and Slutmachine.  April 30th will harken the forthcoming destroyed beats, blackened vocals, and disturbed ambience you have come to know and even suffer for. 

Since this was to be the next vinyl release on Zhark, and it is not forthcoming through this label... Zhark will remain at the moment in a state of Flux whilst Hecate works on releasing a new LP.  Digital formats will continue here on this page, and on the Zhark mp3 download site, with the newest release for sale being S/M's DOOMBRINGER Lp. 

Recently added to the site are some videos from Tomoroh Hidari for his works on Recordlabel Records.  We thought it would be a good idea to mirror them here as he is a very active artist and producer in the current European electronic scene, and always welcome on Zhark. 

more news soon
Excuse Hecate's absence, many projects have taken shape...!