And what a summer it was!

A lot of great parties were to be had here in Berlin in the past months... And more to come as well!  I am getting back to organizing this site here after a bit of a break.  As you may have noticed, there is a new download release by Bulkrate who was found on the previous Zhark download comp.  We liked his submission so much, we thought it would be a good move to ask him for some more tracks to diseminate all of you out there.

This Autumn will bring a Zhark vs Praxis party on October 29th, in Arnhem, Holland with S/M, Hecate, Christoph Fringeli and NihilFist!  Hecate will also be seen for the first time in the Ukraine and Russia in October and November, respectively. 

The Brew Hideous remixes are due to finally be cut on September 13th in London.  We had to wait for our mastering engineer Shane to have a child with his partner!  Finally, one decent excuse!

Enjoy the compilation and the new infos coming and see you on the road!