Treachery LTD ed. SILVER vinyl out in October!
The relaunch of the Zhark site comes along with a special offering of the most malefic kind.  Starting things out right will be a special LTD ed of 250 silver 12" copies of the debut EP release of TREACHERY, which came out on CD last year on Czar of Crickets.
There will another 300 pressed on black vinyl for the unlucky ones who do not get these copies first!


Pre-Order now and get the silver, numbered LTD version in a high grade B/W cover at the low cost of 11 euros+shipping
We will include stickers and LTD liner notes in these versions.

email -




for payment and shipping inquiries!

""More horror-drenched than any Hollywood scream flick could possibly imagine, Treachery's self-titled debut excretes primeval ferocity and calculated skill, suturing together blasts of musical extremity and vicious
attitude." - Exclaim Magazine

"Black metal has a strong connection to both the ambience and drone genres as it is basically just a step or two away from them, and they all draw heavily on atmosphere over technical skill. The self-titled first release from Treachery dabbles a little with all three types of sound, switching back and forth between them and frequently blending them together into something altogether different. While the length of the album is lamentably short, the music contained in the small run time is worth a listen for anyone who enjoys black metal that goes in distinctive or unusual directions." - Metal Underground