Hello out there!

After 3 months of planning their Irreverent Fest, the promoters have gone from promising me 4 gigs - plus their outdoor Pagan Rave - to screwing up every single date and then asking me to come and play for free.

I cannot book my shows so far in advance, and then have every single one fuck up and THEN come out for a weekend without getting paid anything. Of course it would be great to be able to travel around and play for free in a world of rainbows and naked pagan witches, but unfortunately this is not reality.

I will be rebooking my shows with another promoter in Spain who seems quite reliable. This mini-tour action will happen sometime at the end of summer or so. Once again I am sorry if you were planning on seeing my performance but I have no choice other than to cancel coming to the show on the 20th....

until then!