Ryan Friedrich, better known by his moniker Xanopticon, is one of the most intense American electronic artists by far. One of breakcore's most prominent producers, he has toured internationally and released music with several electronic labels including Hymen Records, Mirex, Zhark International, and Rhinoplex. He was part of the Zhark Internation tour, Abomination of Desolation, which reached its high point when the last Pope died while they were in Italy...

His live shows are often noted for their intensity and his sound for its attention to detail, having been described by one journalist as "waves of breaks".Xanopticon's output features dramatic dynamics that alternate between frantic IDM/"post-drill & bass" and more subtle, melodic ambient music, and his sonic heaviness has been compared to labelmates Venetian Snares and Fanny, as well as Belgian flashcore artist Atomhead.

Not much information is available about what software Friedrich uses for music production. However, he has been stated recording the album Liminal Space in FL Studio 4. To what extent that is true there is no real evidence for right now, but in a video he is actually seen using FL Studio while doing a live performance, proving that he uses it to at least some extent.

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