Dark industrial breakcore electronics producer from the Netherlands,
Bulkrate started of as a member of the hardcore/metal cross-overband Infiltraitor,
Death/doom metalband Premature Autopsy and later from the electronic noise act Cavemen. After several other projects he recorded his first Bulkrate demo cdR in his own attic recordings studio in 1998. Later five more demo cdRs followed. At first Bulkrate was mainly being influenced by the early 90`s industrial electronics.
Later he discovered the dark industrial breakcore released by labels like Zhark, Praxis, and No Room for Talent records.
It was like coming home.

Bulkrate combines and shapes these styles into a very own sound of noisy electronic music. He did quite a few performances in the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2008 he released a track on the dutch label Ketacore records, did a remix for In broken keys, released on N.R.F.T.R, and is also featuring on the generation Rx comp...for that label, wich is going to be released this year soon.

For four years now Bulkrate has his own festival in the Netherlands,
This LOW GRAVITY BEATZ festival is organised twice a year, and it mainly tries to promote obscure dark electronic and industrial breakcore acts.

Darkness will come to your town soon and there will be no place to hide!!!