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As Head Mistress of Zhark International, Hecate has been responsible for relentlessly fostering and producing the most evil breaks and noise since 1996. Besides being named "most prolific female producer" in hard electronic music, she has broadened her scope of damage to genres including Death and Black Metal in recent years. She has been touring the world with the most sinister and intense performances to date. Two years of non stop travel/recording/performing has led her once again back to Berlin to make a base to finish off the new LP and take care of the next Zhark releases.

After being stationed in a remote location on the West Coast of America last year, Hecate returned to recording and to the darkness that only the wilderness could offer.  2008 also saw the release of Treachery, her Industrial Black Metal project in which she came through again  as a devoted succubus - Infernal.

2009 has brought  about her third release with Belphegor, this time contributing lyrics on 3 songs and also lending her voice to their Witch themed record, Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwahn.  Always collaborating and conspiring, Hecate's long awaited follow up to Brew Hideous is taking form and will see the light of the Moon in the beginning of next year which will feature contributions from Torturer, AR from Abigor, Bong-Ra, Paul Colliers from Angelcorpse, and more to be known in time. 

Besides touring, producing, and running Zhark International, Rachael Kozak is dedicated to exploring all outlets which offer her the opportunity to express her deep seated lust for magick and mystery.  Her recent ritual performance in the Austrian Circus organized by Dr. Didi Bruckmayr expanded her current of performance to include an even more malefic method of expression.  She has graduated from Vancouver Film School and continues to work in video and graphic design, which can be seen on many of her own releases.  When time is allowed she is also known to paint or even in the case of her last Norwegian sabbatical - write her memoirs.

Current and Past Side Projects

GG BALLARD - with Seraph and Skallgrim
White Darkness - with Bong-Ra
Treachery - with S/M and Abelcain
Crisis Theory - with Christoph Fringeli
Nymphomatriarch - with Venetian Snares
Raquel De Grimstone
The Thunderinas
Kut Up Kaos Kick
Kaustic Crime Kommandos
Lynn Powderhorn



The Payback (12") Zhark Recordings, Zhark International 1996
In The Bush (12") Zhark Recordings, Zhark International 1996
Pay For Protection (Cass, Album) Zhark International 1997
Hate Cats E.P. (12", EP) Praxis 1998
Hecate Jacks Off The Jackal (12", S/Sided) Zhark International 1999
Negative World Status (12", Pur) Zhark International 1999
The Magick Of Female Ejaculation (2xLP) Zhark International, Praxis 2001
The Magick Of Female Ejaculation (CD, Album) Zhark International 2003
Zod 02 (12") Zod 2001
Light As Night (12") Still Raven 2001
Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente (7") Mirex 2002
Venom Bytes (7") The Homewrecker Foundation 2002
Ascension Chamber (2xLP) Zhark International, Praxis 2003
Depths Of The Nile (7") Zhark International 2003
FreeMansonicYouth (CD) Zhark International 2003
At The Seven Gates (12") Zhark International 2003
Capricorn Connectrix (12") Yb70 2003
Nymphomatriarch (CD, Album, Dig) Hymen Records 2003
Ascension Chamber (CD, Album) Praxis, Zhark International 2004
Seven Veils Of Silence (CD, Album) Hymen Records 2004
Technical Witch / Tech Bitch (12") Sub/Version 2004
The Friedrichshain Frequency Fuckers (12") Unearthly 2004
Seven Veils Of Silence (12") Zhark International 2005
Seven Veils Of Silence (7") Zhark International 2005
Seven Veils Of Silence (7", TP, W/Lbl) Zhark International 2005
Wholesale Massacre Of All Identifiable Replicas (12", Cle) Zhark International 2005
Brew Hideous (CD, Album) Sublight Records 2006
Brew Hideous (LP) Hymen Records 2006
Summer Of Smoke (12") Reverse Records (France) 2007


Le Tigre - From The Desk Of Mr. Lady (EP)  All That Glitters (Rac... Mr. Lady ... 2000
One (The Loneliest Number) - The Remix Versions (12") One (The Loneliest Num... Suburban Trash Industries, Systemic Disease 2001
Lustmord Remixes - Law Of The Battle Of Conquest (12") Hymen Records 2002
Law Of The Battle Of Conquest (Minimax, EP) Hymen Records 2002
Shapeshifters (The Remixes) (2xLP) Shapeshifters (Live In... Zhark International 2004
Defied (CD, Album) Nightblind (I Know You... audiotrauma 2005

Appears On:

Crisis Theory -Luxuria / Avaritia (12") Sub/Version 2001
Crisis Theory -Untitled (12") Praxis 2002
Constant Falling (12") Scieyence Function Zhark International 2004
Threat: Music That Inspired The Movie (CD, Comp) Number Seven With A Bu... Halo 8 2006
Belphegor - Pest Apokalypse - (CD, Album) Nuclear Blast 2006
Schlagstrom! 2 (2xCD) Freeimprovisation Rustblade, Schlagstrom! 2007
Seven Samurai (12") Irrevocable Seven Samurai Records 2007
White Darkness - Nothing (Album)  Roadburn Records 2007
Belphegor - Bondage Goat Zombie (CD, Album) Nuclear Blast 2008
Treachery (CD) Czar of Crickets 2008
Treachery (12" EP) Zhark International 2009
Belphegor - Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwahn (CD, Album) Nuclear Blast 2009

Tracks Appear On:

This Is Spite (12") Ghettorobics Spite 1996
Burn TV (Cass, Mixed) The Payback Robotnics Crossing Productions 1997
NEtWORk RESiStENCE 2002 (Cass) Untitled kool.POP 1997
1995 - 2000 (CD) Medusal Zhark Recordings 1999
Kaen Bin (CD, Comp) Every Day We Understan... Suburban Trash Industries 1999
The Audio / Visual Irritant (Cass) Sardonis Irritant 1999
System Decay (CD) We Are Family - Wet Remix Conceptual Chaos 2000
Smash Biotek (3x12", Comp) Outer Urban Idroscalo Dischi 2001
Zod Mix.02 (CD) Slice Of Stress Zod 2002
Zod Sampler Volume 1 (CD, Promo, Smplr) Slice Of Stress Zod 2002
Industrial Highlights 01 (CD) Profundo Loco Angelstar 2003
NLA Mixtape #3 (Cass) Venetian Affair Noise Liberation Army 2003
Ye Olde Barn Compilation (CD, Comp) Ripe Mango Addict Records 2003
Carbon (CD, Comp) Devil Whore Mirex 2004
Carbon (2xLP) Devil Whore Mirex 2004
Maschinenfest 2004 (2xCD, Comp) Night Of Desire Pflichtkauf 2004
Maschinenfest 2004 (2xCD, Comp, Ltd, Fes) Night Of Desire Pflichtkauf 2004
Parazit (CD) Faiting Stells Yb70 2005
The Scariest Weapon 3 (CDr, Album) Vile Bitches Invasion Wreck Chords 2005
Decibelio Festival 2006 (DVD) Untitled Belio[mgz] 2006
Praxis U.S.A. (2x12") Suspicions, Mechanical... Deadly Systems
Praxis U.S.A. (12", RP) Suspicions Deadly Systems 2006
Praxis U.S.A. (12", RP) Mechanical Deviance Deadly Systems 2006
Recorded Live @ Reactor 4 In Tijuana , Mexico On "The New Flesh Tour" Saturday April 30th 2005 (CDr, Ltd) Wanna Try Me Not On Label 2006
Audiotion - Sonic Tribute To Takashi Miike (2xCD, Dig) Mourning Sickness Vital 2007
Schlagstrom! 2 (2xCD) Freeimprovisation Rustblade, Schlagstrom! 2007
Hardcore Box Vol. 5 (2xCD, Comp + Box) Every Day We Understan... Thorntree Records 2008
The Gospels Of The Gash (2xCD, Album + 2xCD, Comp + Box, Ltd) Knowing No Mercy, The ... Malignant Records 2009
Extra-Galactic Dimensional Distortion (2xCDr) Suspicions, Mechanical... Deadly Systems
Zhark Compilation (CD, Comp) Victims Of The Digits,... Zhark International

Unofficial Releases:

Darkmatter Soundsystem (Cass, Mixed, Promo) Famished Not On Label 2001
Twenty Five (CDr, Mixed) Voluntarily Bruits De Fond 2001
Zod Mix.01 (Cass, Mixed) Wanna Try Me... Zod 2001
Good-bye Sunshine (CDr, Mixed) Monstrosity Bruits De Fond 2005